Lie: Participatory system dynamics modelling for dairy value chain development in Nicaragua

Abstract: The use of system dynamics tools can add valuable insights when identifying and evaluating priorities for pro-poor value chain upgrading. However, to better understand the complex systems in agricultural value chains and to develop useful models, a participatory modelling process is important. This article highlights the group model building process of the dairy value chain in Matiguás, Nicaragua, one of a few examples of participatory model building in developing countries. The results confirm several benefits with participatory system dynamics modelling, including team learning, a greater understanding of the value of modelling, and a tool for decision-making and priority setting.

KeywordsMethodsEnvironment (built and natural) – Agriculture, Food securityLabour and livelihoods – Poverty reductionCivil society – ParticipationAid – Development policiesGovernance and public policyLatin America and the Caribbean

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Published 23. August 2017 - 13:50 - Updated 23. August 2017 - 13:50