Samndong: The road to transformation of practices on the (forest) land

Inclusive approaches to REDD+ in the Congo Basin: The road to transformation of practices on the (forest) land by Nhantumbo, I. & Samndong, R.A. (2017)  

From the publisher:

‘Central African Forests Forever’ is an inspiring book about safeguarding the second largest rainforest in the world, the Congo Basin rainforest, and surrounding forests in ten countries in Central Africa. It shows the great importance of these forests for the welfare, health and well-being of the people living in Central Africa and for the global community. It explains the benefits of the many life-supporting ecosystem services these forests have to offer. It shows how conservation and the sustainable use of forests contribute to water supply and sanitation, food security, clean air, mitigation of climate change, trade in sustainable forest products, agriculture, genetic resources, hydro-power, ecotourism, job creation and more. The book addresses how to conserve and restore the very rich biodiversity in Central Africa, which is the home of three of the world’s four great apes – the gorilla, chimpanzee and bonobo – forest elephants, magnificent birds and so many enchanting animals and plants. ‘Central African Forests Forever’ presents the vision of Central African economists, conservationists and other experts, leaders at a government and community level, women, entrepreneurs, leaders of NGOs and the youths of Central Africa.

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Published 15. June 2017 - 9:42 - Updated 15. June 2017 - 9:49