United States Assistance Policy in Africa - Exceptional Power

The book, developed from Divon's doctoral thesis, ‘Exceptional Rules – US Assistance Policy in Africa', is published by Routledge as part of the series Routledge Explorations in Development Studies

From the publisher:

"From the end of World War II through the Obama administration, development assistance in Africa has been viewed as an essential instrument of U.S. foreign policy. Although many would characterise it as a form of aid aimed at enhancing the lives of those in the developing world, it can also be viewed as a tool for advancing U.S. national security objectives.

Using a theoretical framework based on "power", United States Assistance Policy in Africa examines the American assistance discourse, its formation and justification in relation to historical contexts, and its operation on the African continent. Beginning with a problematization of development as a concept that structures hierarchies between groups of people, the book highlights how cultural, political and economic conceptions influence the American assistance discourse. The book further highlights the relationship between American national security and its assistance policy in Africa during the Cold War, the post-Cold War, and the post-9/11 contexts" [Routledge].

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United States Policy in Africa - Exceptional Power

United States Policy in Africa - Exceptional Power


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