Top tips for new students

“I came straight from sixth form college and was really geared up and ready to go. But on the first night, I felt very alone in my room here. Then, when I woke up the next morning, someone was knocking on my door and dragging me out for the Buddy Week – something that feels like I’m still not done with!”

These are the words of Ina Finnerud (21), leader of NMBU’s Student Council, who tells us about her first days at the university in the NMBU Podcast.

Ina has just completed a Bachelor's degree in International Environment and Development Studies at Noragric, Faculty of Landscape and Society. She’s spent three years at NMBU.

What actually happens in the first weeks as a student?

“When you come here as a student, you have one subject throughout August. You start straight away with academic activities, with lectures. And then you get lots of info on how to register for subjects, how to get your picture taken and get a student card, for example. I have to say, there is a lot of information to take in, but it is also a lot of fun”, laughs Ina.

Barbecue, Quiz, Hammock trip, Stand-Up Night, Student Associations Sports more about Buddy Week!

“The Faculties have slightly different programs. Some things are together, such as a barbecue, stand-up at the SiÅs, sports day. You should expect to set aside plenty of time the first couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with both your subject and other information - but also for parties and socialising. Buddy Week is really important”, says Ina.

Your best tips for a good study start?

"Don't say no. Be open to the opportunities that are there - join the student society so you become part of the community that’s there", Ina advises. "And my most important "pro tip" is to remember that everyone else feels just like you in the beginning, so don’t think that you are the weird one here, or that everyone else is so confident. Here at Ås, we have a very unique culture for associations/clubs, with student associations for everything from social and sports associations to climate and sustainability groups. We even have a Quidditch Association!”

To get to know the associations and make new friends with the same interests – or to try  something completely new - drop by to what’s known as the ‘graskurs’ on Wednesday 18 August. The various associations set up stands here, to tell about themselves and recruit new members. 

Ina also shares some academic tips:

"NMBU is a small university, which means that many of the classes here are small. You can have a good relationship with your professors and receive close academic follow-up. Do not be afraid to send an email! People expect students to be curious. I also think it is important that you get some structure in your everyday life. I'm saying you should attend everything you should, but you should also know when to say no to things, and not burn out.”

I keep hearing this word, ‘Matriculation’ - what is it?

" It means to enrol someone as a member of a body, particularly of a college or university. In ordinary language, it means that you as a student become an academic citizen. This means that you are officially admitted to the university community, and that is very big”.

This text is a translation of an excerpt from the podcast ‘What’s it like to start studying at NMBU’, a conversation between podcast host Morten Ellingsen and student Ina Finnerud. To hear Ina's answer to the question of whether you really have to read the entire curriculum, as well as more tips about finances, everyday study, food and  life in a housing association, listen to the podcast in its entirety here (Norwegian).

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