NMBU’s Education Prize goes to William Warner and the Writing Centre

The Education Prize is awarded biennially by the NMBU University Board.  This year, 100 000 NOK was presented to Bill Warner at the matriculation ceremony for new students.

NMBU’s Education Prize goes to William Warner and the Writing Centre

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers free support and individual guidance in academic writing to NMBU students. Under the supervision of Bill Warner, Writing Advisors offer tuition on all aspects of the writing process including structure, style and correct referencing. This tuition is conducted through one-to-one sessions, online feedback and social media, along with workshops (in presentation skills, writing Bachelor theses, and in Master thesis defence) and the Writing Fellowship, which provides oral and written feedback on draft term papers via peer-review. The Centre also hosts a blog, Writing Wrongs and produces the annual NMBU Student Journal of Life Sciences, which publishes articles written by students in a student-led review process.  The Writing Centre does not offer proof-reading but instead teaches students how to correct their own writing.  The Centre’s Writing Advisors are carefully recruited students with proven academic writing competence.  

Evaluation of the Writing Centre by the Prize Committee

“The Committee unanimously recommends that the Education Prize 2016 is awarded to the Writing Centre at NMBU. Over the last 6 years, the Writing Centre has developed into a centre offering comprehensive guidance on academic skills. Students who attend receive guidance on many levels, and students working at the Centre have demonstrated high professional competence, adopting innovative solutions to provide feedback. This has enabled students to gain and provide guidance and feedback in a way that suits the individual. The Centre is open daily, and all NMBU students can also pick up good advice and find helpful resources through its blog and updated website. The success of the student-run center is dependent on recruiting highly competent advisors - something William Warner accomplishes to the highest level: skilled students with international-level competence apply to work at the Centre via the Fulbright Program. The centre’s services help to raise the quality of education at NMBU, and contribute to setting high standards for NMBU students' academic skills. The Committee hopes the centre will succeed with plans for further development, and believes that the Writing Centre, together with the University Library and the NMBU Learning Centre, will contribute to new and innovative measures to strengthen NMBU students' academic skills". (English translation by Jayne Lambrou).

About the NMBU Education Prize

The University Board decided to award a prize for education every other year with the purpose of encouraging and motivating the academic environment at the university, and to boost the further development of the quality of education.  The prize is awarded via nominations of activities related to raising the quality of education. This year there were two nominees for this prestigious award; the other nominee was the development of teaching methods and mentor projects for the Master programme in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Poul Wisborg, Head of Department at Noragric: “I am impressed and proud that William Warner initiated and nurtured the Writing Centre at our Department, and that it has since grown into one of the key educational facilities of the University – providing not only knowledge for life but also the skills to refine, express and share this knowledge”.

Congratulations Bill and the team at the Writing Centre!

This article is based on a translation of Eivind Norum's coverage of the prize on nmbu.no

Published 23. August 2016 - 12:19 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:12