"Al-Shabaab will destroy the peace"

Stig Jarle Hansen talks to NRK about last night's attacks at Lido Beach in Mogadishu in which at least 17 were killed. Hansen was at Lido Beach just 3 days ago.  

"Al-Shabaab will destroy the peace"

The attack included two car bombs and a raid by armed men who stormed a beachfront restaurant. The Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack.

"Whilst Lido Beach is not the safest area in Mogadishu, it is one of them. It is an area in growth. By attacking here, Al-Shabaab want to demonstrate strength" (extract of an English translation of the interview with NRK). 

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Published 22. January 2016 - 12:25 - Updated 31. March 2017 - 14:50