VR-Lab participation at ECLAS 2018 Conference

The paper outlines the efforts and research activities made at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) towards documentation and preservation of heritage sites and historically important landscapes in Palestine. More specifically, this paper will focus on efforts that made for introducing a digital library based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology that immortalize historical sites in three-dimensional, VR-ready models creating a publicly accessible digital library of historically important landscape and heritage sites. The project objective is to develop an interactive digital platform for heritage sites and historically important landscapes in Palestine. The platform will act as a medium for the preservation, documentation, interpretation and intervention, assisting in research, education, tourism and an increase in public awareness regarding the value of heritage landscapes. The concept focus on the aspect of "edutainment". Edutainment is an upcoming field that combines education with entertainment aspects, thus enhancing the learning environment to be more engaging and fun-filled. The technological platform is based on commercially affordable technologies and open source tools such as mobile-based VR technology, Augmented Reality, panoramic spherical photogrammetry, 360 video capture, spatial database, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D Modeling, 3D mapping, Google street view, and Google maps. 


Published 8. February 2019 - 13:51 - Updated 1. March 2019 - 11:00