IKBM using VR-Lab for developing VR application for molecular biology course

Postdoctoral researcher Ekaterina Avershina from IKBM, together with Håvard Christensen from Agnes are conducting experimentations at VR-lab for the development of a new VR application for molecular biology course using HTC VIVE. Molecular biology students often struggle with learning the processes they can never see with their naked eye. However, with development and accessibility of Virtual Reality, ‘seeing’ these processes becomes possible. To help students understand the central dogma of life; we are now developing a VR-based educational application on protein synthesis. We are creating VR application that enables students to not only see, but also to actively participate in translation of the information passed from DNA to the RNA molecule into a functional protein.

Published 17. October 2016 - 11:50 - Updated 1. March 2019 - 11:43