Skien - The meeting between the city and the water. From hand-drawings to 3D-models

Skien is situated centrally in Grenland, and have always been a vital point in national trade, due to its close relation to the water. The starting point for this assignment has been to develop areas which are in good contact with the water. At the same time the focus has been on the use of digital tools throughout the process. The defined problems ask how the areas can best be developed, and how digital tools can be a part
of the process. The assignement describes the tools that have been used, and their main functions. Part 1 deals with registrations and analysis in the areas, including: History; Today’s situation; Height; The natural environment; Sun and shade; General registrations.The use of digital tools concerning registrations and analysis is described and evaluated. In the second part the current plans and regulations are gathered, including: The areal part of the local municipality plan; The downtown area analysis; Regulation plans; A gathering of developed ideas. Part 3 deals with the development of different concepts, based on the history and the character of the area. In all there are created 6 concepts, including 2 overall concepts, and 4 formal concepts. The process is described, and shows how the digital tools can be an important part of the concept-development. Part 4 presents a schematic proposal of a development of the areas, based on the concepts established in part 3. The role of the digital tools in the production process are described and evaluated. The assignement is closed with a reflection on the use of digital tools in landscape architecture.

Published 5. April 2021 - 18:33 - Updated 5. April 2021 - 18:33