Processes and multidisciplinary communication in pre-projects with use of new technology

This paper will address the Virtual Reality as a tool for communication and information dissemination in the early phase of construction projects. The study looks at the relationship between the actors involved in the project. It is desirable to illustrate the building's geometry in a way that provides greater understanding of the project concept. The caseproject used is Saemien Sijte, a Southern Sami museum and cultural center located in Snåsa in Northern Trøndelag. Because of the project's unique design and geometric form, it is beneficial for use in this assignment as Virtual Reality can provide a picture of how the outcome will be.
Through an experiment the study seeks to find out if understanding and knowledge of the casebuilding's main functions and geometry increases. The benefit VR may have as a tool for communication and dissemination of information is measured. The study believes that the actor’s relations to the caseproject may affect the added value that can be achieved through Virtual Reality. Communication between actors is particularly important in the caseproject since the architect is from Spain, builder, consultant and contractor is from Norway and the prospective users of the building are South Sami. The Language can cause information to be lost between these parts. The sample does not represent a population, so it is concluded that the results obtained from the study lays the foundation for further studies and to test VR as a tool in the processes and methods of communication and information dissemination through multidisciplinary control of construction projects. The statements that form the basis for the thesis are not rejected but can support the theory that VR has a potential for the construction industry. VR has greatest potential for use in the preproject of building projects. The technology has a unique ability to communicate what to be mediated in a 3D model and will be able to provide most utility value in this phase of construction projects.

Published 31. March 2021 - 14:18 - Updated 31. March 2021 - 14:18