BIM for landscape. From 2D to 5D. Case study Hersleb school, Oslo

There is today in the field of Landscape Architecture an increased demand for expertise in 3D and BIM. Several buyers in the field are demanding the supply of 3D and BIM models. This paper seeks to illuminate the fairly new use of BIM in the field of landscape. The paper will through theories about BIM, actual case studies where BIM is put to use in the sense of landscape, and an object of study - Hersleb School - highlight some of the central opportunities and challenges that could be in the transition between 2D, and 3D and BIM. The opportunities in the use of a BIM model in the preliminary phase, where a 3D model will allow for linkage to the variables of time and cost; a further extension to 4D and 5D, will also be discussed.

Published 31. March 2021 - 14:05 - Updated 31. March 2021 - 14:06