Concept: Land use zoning plan in 3D

This master’s thesis attempts to create a concept of a 3D land use zoning plan and looks at the opportunities that arise in the transformation from 2D to 3D. Theory on 3D shape and the utilization of 3D-visualizations in urban planning create the basis for the thesis. A development in Løren, Oslo, is used as the case-area for the methods used in the research, where the 3D modelling of the concept is based on feedback from in-depth interviews and a preliminary questionnaire. The 3D modelling has two stages, where the first stage creates the basis for the 3D model and makes it possible to get specific feedback on the concept. The other half is based on the feedback and the underlying research, where more specific 3D models visualize the potentials in the concept. The research concludes with an evaluation of the concept as well as a summary and reflection of the research topic.

There is no definite end to the thesis because of its exploratory nature. The main objective of the thesis is therefore to create specific visual proposals for a 3D land use zoning plan and discuss the opportunities that arise in the proposals. The summary of the thesis is not intended as a conclusion, but the concept shows that a 3D land use zoning plan is possible and that the opporunities that arise hold traits that are sought after by professional planners. The concept also has its challenges that needs to be adressed in further research and through empirical testing.

Published 30. March 2021 - 13:46 - Updated 30. March 2021 - 13:47