Product Presentation Through CGI-Animation

CGI animation has since its humble beginning in the 1960s developed to become a huge industry that today includes everything from interactive representation of buildings and equipment to the production of full-length movies. [3] Faster computers and better software have made CGI animation more accessible to users with no previous background in disciplines.

The main goal of this master project is to identify , test and evaluate software tools in the basic sub processes involved in the production of CGI animation. The applications were evaluated on the background of the criteria that were of relevance for users with little or no experience in CGI animation. Further on are, the basic process-steps included in CGI animation been surveyed. There were selected three programs alone, or in collaboration with external plug-ins to perform the basic stages of production included in CGI animation. The programs which were selected are : " Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 ", " Lumion 4 pro" and " Trimble SketchUp 2014 " in collaboration with the plugins " Keyframe Animation" and "Twilight Render ". There were prepared six test scenarios to be evaluated. During the practical implementation of test scenarios, the program performance were measured by six pre- defined parameters . " Pugh method " was then used to evaluate individual program performance after the main criteria on the basis of test-results. The evaluated results were then graphed on radar-charts. Some discrepancies between the final results and expected results revealed some weaknesses in the method that is used . Especially in the cases with few part-scenarioes. After this was the major trends were as expected.

Published 29. March 2021 - 22:06 - Updated 29. March 2021 - 22:06