Strategy 2019 - 2023

  • Strategien er den første for det nye fakultetet. Strategien skal legges til grunn for instituttenes strategier, årsplaner, budsjett, handlingsplaner og bemanningsplan.

    This is the first strategy of the new Faculty. It will provide a basis both for the Faculty’s annual plans, budget, action plans and staffing plans, and for the strategies of the Departments within the Faculty.


The Faculty Board approved this strategy on 7 June 2018.

Strategy 2019 - 2023

The Faculty has defined four areas of focus that are given extra attention in this strategy.

These are:

1. Strong academic environments with national and international positions
2. Synergies within the Faculty
3. Lifelong learning
4. Working environment at the Faculty

Published 10. August 2018 - 15:30 - Updated 10. August 2018 - 15:30