LANDSAM's Leadership

The Leader Group at the Faculty of Landscape and Society consists of the Dean, Head of Research, Head of Education, Head of Administration, Heads of Department and the Secretary.

LANDSAM's Leadership


Eva Falleth

Randi KaarhusHead of Research
Ingjerd SolfjeldHead of Education
Hege Elisabeth ThømtHead of Administration
Shai André DivonHead of Department, Noragric
Grete Patil Head of Department, Public Health Sciences
Sebastian PetersHead of Department, Urban and Regional Planning
Tore Edvard BergaustHead of Department, Landscape Architecture
Katrine Broch HaugHead of Department, Property and Law
To be appointedSecretary
Published 30. April 2018 - 14:16 - Updated 17. August 2018 - 14:59