Vincent Eijsink wins the Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015

Vincent Eijsink, professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences won the Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015, awarded on Tuesday 17 March during the CenBio Days 2015 in Norway. 

Vincent Eijsink wins the Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Award 2015

According to the award committee, Eijsink receives the price for his effort which has been crucial for the development of bioenergy in Norway, and has alsocontributed to optimal utilization of biomass.

He has actively and effectively contributed to the development of biogas solutions of direct relevance to industrial actors, and he has shown that scientific knowledge can be exploited commercially.

Credibility in the industry
The commitee states that professor Eijsink's research group is highly attractive to the industry. "The biogas research has been focused on the development of biogas processes that are robust, fast and readily implementable."

Furthermore, "these technological developments have been carried out through close collaboration with CambiTINESeaweed Energy Solutions and R&D partners at the Ås campus. His group has also tight cooperation with Borregaard within enzyme technology and the development of a new process, as well as with the world's largest enzyme manufacturer.

Innovative thinking
The winner shows innovative thinking and boldness within enzyme technology. He is developing holistic approaches anchored in fundamental enzymatic knowledge in order to describe, assess and analyze possible improvements of the biogas production process.

One year ago he started to use "ultra-high throughput" sequencing methods to gain better understanding of the micro biology behind biogas production, a process that was a black box prior to this groundbreaking work.

The winner has developed fast enzyme-based methods to test the biogas production potential of various feedstocks mixtures. He is also at the forefront within production of biogas from seaweed, a field with substantial commercial potential. The related fundamental enzyme work, which was published in Science in 2010, has led to several patent applications, some of them have been acquired by international enzyme actors."


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Learn more about the work of Eijsink's reasearch group at NMBU and the NorzymeD project.


Published 28. November 2016 - 12:10 - Updated 3. December 2018 - 10:23