Microbial Ecology and Physiology

Our research group is working on different aspects of environmental microbiology and microbial ecology. We study microorganisms in complex environments, most of which are unculturable, but we also study bacteria and fungi growing in pure cultures.

Some of our ongoing activities are basic research projects (such as the gene regulation in denitrifying bacteria and investigations of the diversity of fungi and bacteria in arctic areas), while others are applied industrial microbiology (inhibition of pathogenic fungi on grass (golf greens) and strawberries; degradation of organic pollutants).

Our research thus covers several fields that are of strong political and environmental interest today, for example greenhouse gas emissions, bioremediation, oil degradation, use of microorganisms for plant growth promotion and biocontrol, and risks connected to the spread of genetically modified microorganisms.

Research teams
Regulatory biology and ecology of nitrogen transforming bacteria. Our activities are also described under NMBU Nitrogen group.
• Biological and environmental control of plant pathogenic fungi and insect pests 
• Anaerobic digestion and composting
• Arctic and Industrial microbial ecology

The Microbial ecology and physiology group (2017):

- Åsa Frostegård, Professor Ph. D.
- Lars Bakken, Professor Ph. D.
- Linda Bergaust, Researcher
- Daniel Mania, Post doctor
- Pawel Lycus, Post doctor
- Daniel Milligan, ph.d.-student
Rannei Tjåland, Lab engineer
Else Marie Aasen, Lab engineer
Arne Tronsmo, Professor Ph. D. emiritus 
Linda G. Hjeljord, Adjunct Associate Professor emiritus
Jon Fredrik Hansen, Researcher emiritus
- Elin Røyset, Engineer

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