Raju Rimal passed his PhD trial lecture

Raju Rimal passed his trial lecture today, Sept. 20, entitled “The use of simulation in statistics”. The lecture was open to the public and attended by colleagues, visitors and friends. The audience was treated to an explanation on the importance of simulations in model building and generating data for research and education.

When researching the topic of his presentation, Raju decided to code the equations he came across, in order to bring them to life. “I did it to understand them myself, but also to convey them,” he reflected afterwards. By animating statistical equations, Raju believes he can better explain difficult concepts to students, taking them on the journey he has travelled himself.

“I had to make a balance so that it was advanced enough for a master's student and also understandable,” Raju said. His engagement with the topic stems from his interest in teaching, and his experience mentoring students through NMBU’s help service for statistics and data analysis. “I feel like I am able to teach a master's student what I have created. I feel I have achieved my objective.”

Raju will now proceed to defend his thesis, entitled “Exploration of Multi-response Multivariate Methods”. The defense will occur on Fri. Oct. 4th at 12:15 in Festsalen, at the Clock Building, and is open to the public.

Published 20. September 2019 - 16:49 - Updated 3. October 2019 - 15:04