The Brewery

Food Pilot Plant Norway consists of several different processing halls. One of these is the brewery at NMBU. 

You will find infrastructure and equipment for research, innovation and teaching at our premises. 


The brewery can also take on assignments for food manufacturers and other customers.  

Our brewery is classed as a microbrewery and we have equipment for malting grains, and mashing and pressing fruit.  Therefore, we are able to carry out brewing, malting and cider production on a small scale.  

We can also help you measure the chemical, microbiological and sensory properties of your product.  

As a customer of the brewery at Food Pilot Plant Norway, you will gain access to expertise, technology and specialist equipment. 

Examples of equipment at the brewery: 

  • Malting facility 
  • Brewery 
  • Juice press 
  • Analysis equipment 

We will soon invest in: 

  • Better malting equipment 
  • Temperature regulated fermentation rooms 
  • Bottling facility with foam stabilisation 
Published 12. January 2021 - 18:05 - Updated 12. January 2021 - 18:11