The Dairy

Food Pilot Plant Norway consists of several different processing halls. One of these is the dairy at NMBU. 

Here we have equipment and professionals with varied expertise in processing milk, focusing on the production of milk for consumption, cultured milk products, ice cream, cheese and butter.  

We can produce dairy products on a small and semi-large scale and we have advanced analysis equipment in our laboratories.  

You will find infrastructure and equipment for research, innovation and teaching at our premises.  We can also take on assignments for food manufacturers and other customers.  

What we can offer to those who wish to use the facilities: 

As a customer of Food Pilot Plant Norway, you will gain access to expertise, technology and specialist equipment. 

Most of those who use the dairy come to us to test how they can make a dairy product on a pilot scale, or they want to conduct trials to find out the causes of quality-related problems or how raw materials can be better utilised.  

We can help you analyse raw materials and products, and we can measure the rheological and sensory properties of the products. 

Food manufacturers at all levels of the value chain can receive customised solutions based on their requirements. 

At Food Pilot Plant Norway, we focus on finding methods of more sustainable food production and the best possible utilisation of raw materials. This is expertise that you can also benefit from.  


We have professionals with varied food expertise in areas such as: 

  • Food technology, chemistry and microbiology
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Measurement methodology
  • Analyses


Examples of equipment we have at the pilot facility: 

  • Heat treatment lines with a separator and homogeniser 
  • Ultrafiltration  
  • Membrane filtration 
  • Equipment for concentrating and powder production  
  • Vacuum evaporator  
  • Spray dryer  
  • Butter churn 
  • Cheese production equipment 
  • Cheese vats (200 L, 500 L and 1000 L)  
  • Cheese presses 
  • Maturation storage facility 
  • Equipment for producing fermented products  
  • Equipment for producing ice cream 
  • Analysis equipment 

 We will soon be: 

  • Upgrading the milk processing lines 
  • Upgrading the dairy  
  • Upgrading equipment for concentrated and spray-dried products 
  • Installing a new membrane filtration rig for milk fractionation 
  • Installing a production line for fermented products 
Published 9. October 2018 - 10:11 - Updated 12. January 2021 - 18:12