Seminar on commons in Japan, Scotland and Norway

Håvard Steinsholt, associate professor at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Matthew Hoffman, assistant professor at University of Southern Maine and Daisaku Shimada, associate professor at Fukuoka Women's University, will hold presentations on the topic of "Commons in Japan, Scotland and Norway" on the 18th of June, at 09:00-13:00, in Clock Building, VIP room.

Seminar on commons in Japan, Scotland and Norway

There will be presentations of about 30 minutes for each country. In particular, we get a presentation of Daisaku Shimada's project. There will be served lunch. And we get to discuss similarities and differences among the countries. The speakers:

1. Håvard Steinsholt will give a short outline of the history of Norwegian commons. 
2. Matthew Hoffman will talk about Scotland contrasting this to what he has observed in Norway.
3. Andrei Marin will talk about “Common property, access, and relations: insights from pastoralists’ resource use in Finnmark and Mongolia” He will also present his plans for comparative research on commons in Norway and Romania.
4. Daisaku Shimada will outline his most recent research on the exploitation of Japanese commons as an introduction to a presentation of his research in Norway. Our main speakers are Hoffman and Shimada.

This suggests the following timetable:
09:00 Opening
09:05 Håvard Steinsholt
09:35 Matthew Hoffman
10:05 Short break
10:15 Andrei Marin
10:45 Daisaku Shimada
11:15 Lunch
11:45 Discussions
13:00 End

Håvard Steinsholt is associate professor in land consolidation in the Department of property and law at NMBU.

Matthew Hoffman, assistant professor, University of Southern Maine, Food Studies Program.
In his research, he is cooperating with RURALIS – Institute for Rural and Regional Research in Trondheim.

Andrei Marin is a researcher in the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, NMBU.

Daisaku Shimada, associate professor, Fukuoka Women's University, Department of Environmental Science. 
Shimada is currently attached to The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Property and Law, Faculty of Landscape and Society funded by the “Fostering Joint International Research" program in the Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research by Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Professor Shimada is very much interested in all aspects of commons and their management, including legislation on all men’s access to the outfields. During his stay, 2018-19, he will be working on the research project “Building the analytical framework for maintaining the environmental conservation function of commons in developed countries”. 

More information about research background of Matthew Hoffman and Daisaku Shimada can be obtained here.

Published 1. June 2018 - 8:50 - Updated 11. June 2018 - 13:15