CLTS members participate at CSAE conference

Stein T. Holden and Bethelhem Legesse will hold presentations at CSAE conference on Economic Development in Africa in Oxford on the 19th-20th of March.

CLTS members participate at CSAE conference

Stein Holden will present paper with the title "Group Trust in Youth Business Groups:  Influenced by Risk Tolerance and Expected Trustworthiness" written together with Mesfin Tilahun that has been previously issued as CLTS Working Paper (CLTS WP).

Bethelhem Legesse will present paper with the title "Food for Work and Diet Diversity in Ethiopia" written together with Stein T. Holden and Gerald Shively that is as well a CLTS WP.

Program for CSAE Conference 2018: Economic Development in Africa can be obtained here: 


Published 14. March 2018 - 13:17 - Updated 14. March 2018 - 13:56