(30.06.14) New Journal paper on Lineage and land reforms in Malawi
(30.06.14) Seminar by Hans Mattsson
(30.06.14) New journal paper on demand for second-stage land certification 
(30.06.14) PhD mid-term seminar: Hadsh Tesfa Gebreab 
(06.06.14) Internasjonalt år for familielandbruket
(02.06.14) Seminar on global cost of land degradation
(21.05.14) New journal paper on social capital, shocks and livestock investments
(20.05.14) Ny tidsskriftsartikkel om allmenningsrett og naturvern i Skjåk kommune
(12.05.14) New journal paper on input subsidies, cash constraints and timing of input supply 
(15.04.14) New paper on efficiency and productivity differential effects of land certification program 
(08.04.14) New journal paper on impact of improved maize adoption on welfare of farm households
(03.04.14) New journal paper on the roles of land tenure reforms and land markets 
(03.04.14) CLTS Working Paper on agricultural household models for Malawi
(03.04.14) CLTS Working Paper on adapting to climate risk in Tanzania
(17.03.14) Participant at the the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 
(10.03.14) IASC European Regional Meeting 2014 
(07.03.14) Panel discussant at the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 
(25.02.14) CLTS Working paper on Hawk-Dove game experiments played by spouses 
(21.02.14) CLTS Working Paper on anomalies in intertemporal choice
(17.02.14) CLTS Working Paper on productive safety net program 
(16.01.14) Seminar on international perspective on property rights regimes
(10.01.14) Books

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