Philosophers for Sustainability

Philosophers for Sustainability is a newly formed group of philosophers that aims to encourage our profession to take leadership on climate change and environmental sustainability.

"Stopping the worst of the damage requires the rapid spread of the idea that climate change is a priority. We need everyone to do what they can, starting with the skills and positions each of us already has. Philosophers have a unique set of skills for thinking about complex problems. Some of these skills put us in a good position to help bring out the rapid spread of an idea, especially when the idea has a compelling rationale. We would like philosophers to use our skills to take leadership in stopping the worst effects of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future."

As part of Philosophers for Sustainability, NMBU CAPS commits to integrate environmental issues into our work as philosophers, in our research, courses and in our service to the profession. We will do this by committing to the network's membership requirements:

Organise at least 1-2 hours a month of any activity toward stopping climate change and supporting sustainability within our work.

This includes:

- talking informally with students and colleagues about climate change

- integrating environmental issues into our courses or service

- writing about these topics in a way that advocates change in practice

- supporting sustainability efforts on campus

- starting or contributing to any of the Philosophers for Sustainability projects, or others like them.


Elena Rocca and Rani Lill Anjum

Leaders of NMBU CAPS


Published 29. April 2019 - 15:13 - Updated 14. June 2022 - 15:07