Urban planning, climate change and nature conservation: How can we avoid planning for failure?

NMBU's Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science (CAPS) invites you to a seminar on:

Urban planning, climate change and nature conservation: How can we avoid planning for failure?

Our cities and urban areas are habitats for a variety of species, and are more than simply human environments. This opens for the possibility of enhancing the potential of cities to function as conservation areas – for plants, animals and ecosystems. It also raises questions about human-animal interactions/conflicts, and the choice of plants in parks, private gardens, and streetscapes. At the same time as our urban/peri-urban population is increasing, climate change and invasive species are altering our landscapes. How do we plan, predict and manage these dynamics and the inherent tensions? What philosophies underpin the way we think about nature in cities? Why is urban/peri-urban nature important?

Exploring these themes in an interdisciplinary setting is the purpose of this seminar. It is an opportunity to discuss emerging challenges and possibilities for new directions. Ideas for topics or additional questions that can be explored are suggested below.

WHEN: Thursday 11 April, 9:00-12:00

WHERE: T316 (Tårnbygning)


Keywords: urban ecology; environmental philosophy; resilience; urban planning; climate change; nature-based solutions; landscape; wellbeing; environmental psychology.

 Possible questions and topics:

  • How can design/planning strengthen biodiversity conservation?
  • How do we understand "natural" in a changing climate?
  • Access for whom? Is access to our nature areas equitable?
  • How do we model dispersal/species population growth in urban areas?
  • How do our models incorporate climate-change dynamics?
  • Blue-green corridors: design and planning for connectivity in urban areas
  • Human-animal conflicts in urban/peri-urban areas
  • Resilience in cities: planning blue-green areas to meet climate change challenges
  • Densification ("fortetting") in urban areas: strategy and consequences
  • Valuing blue-green areas in cities/urban areas
  • Human well-being and the importance of nature in cities


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Published 21. March 2019 - 11:20 - Updated 28. March 2019 - 14:36