Causation in Science module at NMBU

For some time, philosophers have paid an interest in science, attempting to make their philosophical theories better informed empirically. What has been too often neglected is the opposite ideal: of making our scientific practice better informed philosophically. In the case of causation this is absolutely crucial for it can make a significant difference to how science is conducted.

During this course, a number of problems will be raised concerning how science searches for causes. The aim of the course is not to present an overview of the philosophy of causation. Instead, there will be an attempt to address the problems of causation as they confront the scientist in their everyday practice. A range of topics will be introduced, taken from the new book of Rani Lill Anjum and Stephen Mumford, Causation in Science. On the Methods of Scientific Discovery.

Formal course description: 5 credits PHI302 / 10 credits PHI403

Published 17. August 2017 - 16:42 - Updated 14. September 2018 - 9:32