Best, again

The results from the Studiebarometeret 2022 (a national survey of Norwegian students) are published, and we can once again state that our students are all in all very satisfied with their studies.

High ratings from master’s students stand out

In three of our master's programs the students are particularly satisfied with their studies. The master program in Entrepreneurship and innovation receives, as in previous years, very good feedback. The same applies to the master program in Applied Economics and Sustainability (Master program in English) and the new master program in Bioeconomy - bio-based value creation and business development, which received feedback through the Studiebarometeret for the first time.

- Our master's programs in economics and entrepreneurship and innovation are miles ahead of their competitors, says dean Casper Claudi Rasmussen when he is presented with the results.

It is very gratifying to see that the students on the Master program in Applied Economics and Sustainability give us such good feedback. This is a program with long traditions, both at NMBU and at the other universities.

- We work diligently to make both teaching, subject content and the study environment current, relevant and exciting, also in the traditional subjects. The fact that we score so high on this survey shows that the students find their studies interesting and meet their expectations in terms of quality. The students also give feedback that they work a lot with their studies in economics, says head of studies Mette Wik.

- We are proud and grateful for the positive feedback we receive from our students. Every year, we look forward to seeing our students put their acquired knowledge and skills to good use in their chosen careers, says the dean.

Internship in Houston and student-life in Sydney

Helene Hagen is one of the students on the master's course in Entrepreneurship and innovation at the School of Economics and Business. Due to complete her degree this spring, she is not surprised that the students' feedback is very good for her chosen study program.

  - What is fun about this master is that you have a lot of project-based learning. We are continuously tasked with solving real problems and challenges, which ensures an interesting and varied student experience. On some occasions, we leave the classroom and the campus in order to get the answers we need. Our professors encourage and push us to think creatively and outside the box. We are given us a lot of freedom to learn and develop which is both positive and stands out from many other studies.

As an NMBU student, Helene has had the opportunity to combine her love for travelling the world with her studies and a job in a small startup. This has provided her with invaluable international experience, a large network and language skills.  

- As students in the Entrepreneurship and innovation program, we are given ample opportunities to study abroad. During my studies, I have spent time in the USA and in Australia. Being able to participate in two exchange programs, while studying at master's level, is unique and something not many students are able to do. The experience that I will remember the most is the opportunity I had to participate in an entrepreneurship study abroad program. I went to Houston in collaboration with UiO and Rice University, and through this program I was able to experience first-hand what it is like to work with business development in an American startup. The knowledge and the experience that I have acquired while being at student at the School of Economic and Business are valuable tools that will allow me to succeed as I continue to build my career.

Motivated students, excellent teachers and a well-organized student environment

Every year, we use the results from the Studiebarometeret in the annual evaluations of our teachers, the course content, and the structure of the specializations. Active student involvement in our evaluation processes is important as we look to ensure academically strong study programs that are viewed bey the students as relevant and engaging. The most important factors are well-organized study programs, excellent teaching environments and motivated students.   

- We strongly believe that these annual processes benefited our students and that the systematic work has paid off in all our study programs, concludes Wik.



Published 10. March 2023 - 12:55 - Updated 10. March 2023 - 15:51