Energy Economics profile

For the M.Sc. in Economics you can choose between five specializations that teach you to apply rigorous economic theories and methods to analyze different sets of question:

"Energy Economics" addresses questions like:  How do energy markets works? When and how to regulate the energy markets?  How does national and international climate- and environmental policies affects the energy markets? Is leaving the oil in the ground the best climate policy? What does the sustainable energy future look like?

* There is 5 ECTS overlap between ECN275 and ECN375. Students who have ECN275 or similar course in their bachelor will receive 5 ECTS when taking ECN375, since there is 5 ECTS overlap between those two courses.
** There is 5 ECTS overlap between ECN375 and ECN376.

For this profile students are adviced to have the course BUS220 Finance and Investment in the bachelor degree.

Published 28. June 2017 - 13:42 - Updated 29. June 2018 - 12:39