Economist in the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank

As a researcher at the World Bank, Jeff Alumai takes advantage of the skills in applied economics that he acquired during his Master studies at Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

Economist in the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank

Jeff Alumai


NMBU's unique focus on relating economic theories with real world challenges of development and resource management is  highly relevant for his current job in the World Bank, he says.


Core issues at the World Bank
Jeff Alumai completed the Master program in development and natural resource economics (DNRE) in 2009. He now works as an Economist in the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of the World Bank, based in Washington D.C. Before joining the Bank, he held a Research fellowship at Economic Policy Research Centre at Makerere University in Uganda.

- The degree gave me an added advantage, considering that development and sustainable natural resource management is at the core of the Bank’s sustainable development agenda. The Master program tackled many of these issues. Indeed it’s because of my thesis in forestry that I currently mainly work with the forestry team at the Bank, says Jeff.

At the World Bank Jeff works as a researcher and analyst. He specializes in issues related to forest management and development, and his work is being used in projects around the world.

High quality and unique blend
Looking back at the years he spent as an NMBU student, he highlights the hands-on experience the students get when they collect primary data for their Master’s Thesis, and the opportunity to choose elective subject. Jeff also mentions the international student environment as an important asset of the program and the ability to choose courses outside the Economics department. Even if Jeff remembers Norway as costly and cold during the winter, he has good memories of being an NMBU student at the beautiful NMBU campus.  

- The DNRE program is an exciting program, with students from different countries. At the end of program, you will not only leave with a certificate but an array of friends from different parts of the world. 

- More importantly though, as a student of DNRE at NMBU, you will be under the guidance of respected professors in their field - a life time opportunity in my view, says Jeff and adds that the quality of the teachers and academic guidance was especially important to him.

Professor Arild Angelsen, who has been coordinating the Master program for years, says Jeff’s story is not unique, and international graduates from the program have found the degree a valuable asset in their career.

- I’m also pleased to hear that our trademark – a good blending of rigorous theory and methods with practical and applied work – is being appreciated and found useful. You’ll not find many Master programs across the globe with a similar blend, and we are proud of it, says Angelsen.

Published 11. December 2014 - 9:49 - Updated 23. October 2018 - 10:20