Project leader at Norwegian Public Roads Administration

- I wanted to write a thesis in cooperation with a company because it is a great opportunity to come in contact with industry and potential employers, says Kristin Alsvik.

Project leader at Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Kristin Alsvik has a bachelor degree in Economics from Norwegian University of Life Sciences and bachelor degree in History from the University of Oslo.

After having completed two bachelor degrees, she chose to continue her studies at the School of Economics and Business, and now she is last year graduate student in Economics, with a specialization in Resource and Environmental Economics.

- Already last summer, I contacted the Public Roads Administration to investigate whether they were interested in a master thesis collaboration, says Kristin Alsvik.

In spring Kristin wrote master thesis in collaboration with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

Even before she had finished the master shetis, she got a job offer from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and in August she began as a project leader in Lillehammer.

Published 11. December 2014 - 9:21 - Updated 23. October 2018 - 10:00