The Amazon Barbecue

  • Skogbrann i Amazonas
    Federico Cammelli

Fires in the Brazilian Amazon are an important driver of forest degradation, doubling biodiversity losses from deforestation. Fires have burned an area equivalent to half of the whole forest over the

past 15 years, and produce yearly carbon emissions equivalent to 5% of the global amount.Federico Cammelli analyzes micro-level causes of forest fires in the Brazilian Amazon, and the impact of

policies and droughts on smallholders’ decisions to use and control fires in his PhD Thesis ”Persistent miscoordination: an economics of Amazon fires".

The Amazon Barbecue

Federico Cammelli presented his PhD work as one of NMBU's representatives in the yearly research communication contest "Forsker Grand Prix".
Here is his presentation of his work, given in english after the introduction.

Information about the public defence:  

Norwegian title of thesis:
Vedvarende feilkoordinering: en økonomisk analyse av branner i Amazonas


Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
Forest fires: Causes, Effects and Policy Implications


Time and place for the trial lecture and public defence:
Wednesday March 21. at 12.15 in U215, Clock Building, NMBU Ås


Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Professor Andreas Kontoleon, University of Cambridge, UK

Second opponent: Associate Professor Torfinn Harding, NHH, Norwegian School of Economics

Committee coordinator: Professor Stein Holden, School of Economics and Business, NMBU


Main supervisor: Professor Arild Angelsen, NMBU School of Economics and Business

Co-supervisor: Professor Ståle Navrud, NMBU School of Economics and Business

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