Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is a way to convey theory by creating a story by using digital technology. Students can choose whether they want to use still images, film or other ways to express their story. Narration, music and sound effects can be used to create a particular mood or excitement and to strengthen feelings and engagement for the subject.

Active learning process
Making a digital story facilitates a learning process where students create the content and storyline themselves. They have to use their creative abilities while they associate the curriculum-based theory with the visual expression either through film or photo. The process activates the knowledge, competencies and experiences they have in the subject by putting it all together in context. 

The learning activity requires that students are self-regulated and facilitates active participation and reflection together with their fellow students and teachers. Because it is the student who creates the story, they feel ownership of the learning process which can be inner motivating and engaging.

Digital storytelling process
In the article 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling, Samantha Morra provides an overview of the storytelling process as shown in the following graphic:

Digital Storytelling Process

Digital Storytelling Process

Samantha Morra

Digital tools
There are many free tools to use, so it is simply up to the students themselves and their digital skills how technologically advanced they want to be while creating their stories.

Published 1. October 2015 - 14:39 - Updated 1. October 2015 - 15:03