What is Padlet?
Imagine a corkboard where you can attach papers, pictures and the like with needles. Padlet is basically the same, just that much more.

Padlet is an advanced digital board where you can write, drag and drop photos and videos, attach a Word document or post links to the internet, to mention a few.

It is particularly well suited as a tool for student activity and to communicate with students.

Tool for student activity
One way of using Padlet in class, is to share a wall with the students and ask them to post any questions or comments they may have during lecture. This example is especially well suited for large classes, because it gives students a voice and facilitates for valuable interaction and communication.

The teacher can comment or answer questions posted along the way, giving the students a feeling of being seen and heard, while it at the same time provides a lower threshold for those who are reluctant to express themselves in plenary.

Students can also use Padlet to create mind maps during a lecture, or as a collaboration tool in a workgroup. 

Works on all devices
Padlets can easily be shared with others, or you can make ones just for yourself. Padlet also works on all devices, all you need is Wifi. 

Published 30. September 2015 - 14:17 - Updated 30. September 2015 - 14:25