For a long time the word presentation has been synonymous with PowerPoint. Well, - Prezi is a presentation tool that are more dynamic and flexible than PowerPoint.

PowerPoint has a linear structure and let you go forward slide by slide, whilst in Prezi you can easily choose where in the presentation you want to be. The structure is more like a mind map where you can zoom in and out and keep moving on the screen. Imagine the planet where you can easily maneuver from country to country, city to city, in the direction of your choice.

Because the presenter is not so tied to the presentations structure, the opportunity for interaction with the audience is more present. And because Prezi is much more visual than other presentation tools, it may be easier to present and explain advanced theory visually.

Easy to collaborate
Prezi are available wherever, whenever and makes it possible for the users to collaborate on making a presentation. The presentations are stored in a cloud, and can be synchronized on all devices, so you can easily find it again on your tablet or phone.

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Published 29. September 2015 - 16:08 - Updated 29. September 2015 - 16:09