Kahoot is a student response system that has become a very popular tool among both lecturers and students. The game based blended learning platform activate and motivate students, while it at the same time tests knowledge, repeats curriculum and are a fun break in teaching. The tool also provides immediate feedback of how much students have learned during class.

Works in both large and small classes
Kahoot is suitable for both large and small classes and have a competitive element that initiate even the large student masses. The tool also has a social element to it because it eases you into a conversation with the person sitting next to you, or you can work in pairs to answer the questions. It may therefore be a good idea to use Kahoot at large introductory classes, so that students easily can start a conversation and thus get to know each other.

Students create their own Kahoots
A way to strengthen the students' learning process is to let them create their own Kahoots. It requires a solid knowledge base when formulating questions and answers, and this process can help reinforce what they have learned. By organizing students into groups, they learn through cooperation and of each other. Teaching others facilitates a good learning process and a good learning environment, when fellow students learn from their peers.

Formative assessment
Kahoot is also a suitable tool for formative assessment. Kahoot collects information from the quiz, sort the answers and provide the teacher with a quick and detailed overview of what students answered wrong and need to work more with. In this way, the students carry out the evaluation while having fun in class, and the teacher collects valuable information so that he or she can adapt their teaching to the students needs.

Easy as pie!
Kahoot is simple and intuitive to use, it's easy to sign up and even free! 

Kahoot works on any device, so students can participate by using their own smartphones, tablets or laptops. The only thing you as a facilitator need to provide is a big screen and wifi.

Each Kahoot has it's own unique pin code. Therefore students don't need to have their own login, but simply just go to www.kahoot.it and enter the pin to begin. Easy!

Remember; the quiz, discussion or survey you create should reflect on what you have just lectured in class.


Published 29. September 2015 - 14:05 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:18