How to watch and learn from an educational video

To watch a videolecture is not the same as watching a movie.
An educational video should be able to engage and teach students just as an ordinary lecture would. Educational videos should trigger processes for thinking, questioning and reflections.

Here are some advice you should give your students before watching an educational video:

  • What are the learning objectives? Before you see a video you should set aside a minute or two to look over the learning goals and reflect on what you hope to learn from the video.

  • Use the pause/play/rewind button often! Stop when you need to digest a keypoint, rewind if it was something you didn't really understand or if the concentration slipped for a moment.

  • If it is possible - adjust the speed. This helps you keep concentrated. Speed up or down where it suits you best.

  • Take notes along the way. Note down key words, key concepts or points. Also note questions or comments that you may want to ask the teacher.

  • Watch videos in small doses. Do not see everything at once and in long sessions. We learn better if we spread out the sessions rather than seeing everything at once.

  • Watch and learn together with peers. Seeing educational videos together with your study group or other fellow students creates an opportunity for discussion and let you learn from each other.
Published 31. October 2016 - 18:00 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:18