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Recording presentations or lectures increases the flexibility of teaching by giving students the opportunity to watch the videos whenever and wherever they like, and use them as a repetitative tool before the exam. With video, students are also given an opportunity to catch up if they missed a lecture. This is especially useful for those students who combine their studies with work, or have a situation with caring responsibilities that prevent them from coming to class.

Does videolectures prevent students from coming to class?

"Why should students find time to come to class when the lecture will be made available online anyway?"

This is a question that is often asked among teachers, but evidence shows that students does not miss class more than average just because it is recorded. The report Digital Tilstand 2014 shows that only 10% of students choose not to attend the lectures made available online. (The report is currently only available in Norwegian).

Regardless of whether the lecture has been videorecorded or not - most lecturers know that attendance decreases midway through the semester, and increases towards the end, when the exam is just around the corner. 

Many possibilities
With TechSmith Relay you can record from your PC / Mac and mobile, and content can be published through an LMS, at NMBU we use Fronter. You can also create quizzes and receive answers easily online or by mail. You can also monitor who have seen the videos, how much of the video they've seen and get a list of the videos the students liked best.

All staff at NMBU have free access through UNINETT. Just login with your NMBU username and password through FEIDE.

TechSmith Relay

TechSmith Relay


Published 28. September 2015 - 15:22 - Updated 28. September 2015 - 15:25