One does not always have to consult the students directly when collecting feedback about their learning environment. In some instances, it can be sufficient enough to give students a chance to initiate the feedback themselves. Thereby, students can provide feedback without depending on an invitation and without being restricted by predefined categories. 

Mailbox as a supplement to other evaluation methods
When using a mailbox the responsibility to initiate teaching evaluation is transferred to the student. This method will therefore not be optimal for all student groups. In addition, this method can only be used by a small selection of students that provides more or less representative feedback. Thus, it can be necessary to use the mailbox evaluation as a supplement to other evaluation methods. 

How to use the method

  • The mailbox can be set up physically or electronically. Make the mailbox easily accessible for students or create an email account, for example

  • Discuss with your students how the mailbox evaluation should function: What kind of topics could they comment on and how often; how should the feedback be addressed and discussed with the students, etc. It is important that everyone agrees on these premises.

  • Inform the students about how they provide feedback and who their feedback will be read by.

  • Ensure that students understand how the feedback is processed, and that the feedback is confidential.

  • After agreeing on premises for using the mailbox, these should be put on the course webpage with a reference to the e-mail account if relevant.

  • Avoid responding to feedback directed at one particular student. Rather summarize the feedback`s main points in a document that is made available for the whole student group.


Published 31. October 2016 - 18:01 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:18