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Temporary Regulations

As of March 13th, 2020, the board has approved a temporary regulation where the Dean is authorized to make changes in course- and examination formats, that are necessary to accommodate the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. These changes will enable students to complete final exams without having to be present at campus.

Changes in Examination Format

Each faculty is asked to adjust to the current conditions, so that student presence at campus (oral and written exams) is not required to carry out examinations. Hence will each faculty be responsible to facilitate home-examinations as an option for all scheduled exams in the spring 2020 semester. Whether if these regulations encompass re-examinations in May/June will be determined shortly. UNIT and the sector are working to enable the necessary resources for alternative examination formats, and more information will be provided accordingly.

If the assessment is shifted to a home examination, all aids will be permitted, as NMBU do not have the possibility to control the use of aids during home examinations. However, home examinations can be done digitally through WISEflow, and thus be automatically controlled for plagiarism. Altered exams that are carried out within the original exam period (11-26th of May) must be conducted within the same timeframe (time and date) as the original exam. Thus, avoiding conflicts with other courses. Furthermore, it will be possible to change continuous exams graded A-F, into pass/fail evaluations, where it is feasible.

Procedure regarding the adjustment of examinations

Each faculty will establish procedures to map out changes in all examinations, including changes in format (home examinations) and grading (A-F, Pass/fail) etc. The Dean will be authorized to approve of these changes. Adjustments will thus be reported to the study department, so that all systems are updated in the correct order and manner, in order to meet the students’ information requirements. The study department have sent out a form for information collection (19 March) to all study advisors (and UU/SU-leaders). Study advisors will facilitate data collection from each program and report back to the study department within April 1st.

Mandatory Activities

Students which are prohibited from completing mandatory activities due to conditions caused by the corona virus, will be qualified for evaluation regardless. The temporary regulation will allow the Dean to approve of these activities, and followingly will students qualify for evaluation. As a condition, completion of mandatory activities in each course might still be required within set deadlines.

Grading Deadlines

The general grading deadline is set at 3 weeks after the examination. However, the board has given the Dean authorization to extend this deadline, due to conditions caused by the corona virus. An extension to the grading deadline is not to exceed the general deadline with more than two weeks.

Published 23. March 2020 - 15:16 - Updated 23. March 2020 - 15:19