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The countdown to Leg 5 (Aruba to Panama via the San Blas Islands) is ON!

  • Round the World Route Plan

I am so excited to be a part of this! A crew of all women are participating in a sailing eXXpedition (the two X’s refers to the double-X chromosome pairs in women) that is circumnavigating the globe.

The countdown to Leg 5 (Aruba to Panama via the San Blas Islands) is ON!

The focus in eXXpedition is on generating cutting edge science that can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the plastics issue, to find entry points for working with industry to identify potential mitigation strategies and alternatives to plastics, and to engage in policy development at a global level by addressing key knowledge-gaps. The aims of eXXpedition are to:

  • Support solutions-based science to inform up-stream mitigation strategies and alternatives, and close the loop on plastic waste on land;
  • Challenge perceptions by using eXXpedition as a platform to raise awareness so that the extent of the micro-plastics issue is better understood and to harness this increased understanding to shape actions and mitigation strategies; and to
  • Create a community of change-makers and inspiring global ambassadors to tackle plastic pollution back on dry land. 

If you are curious to follow my journey, here is a teaser of some of the topics I foresee for future blog posts.

  • From end-of-pipe 'solutions' to pollution prevention.
  • How can we avoid paralysis by analysis and commit to action?
  • Citizen science as a means to engage and mobilize youth and communities in protecting our oceans.
  • Nudge, don’t judge and beyond. What types of strategies are needed to catalyze sustainable behavior and policy changes to reduce excessive plastics?
  • Curiosity and creativity indices to supplement traditional measures of science literacy, health literacy and ocean literacy. What role can frugal science and the Foldscope play in training the next generation to solve complex wicked problems?
  • The 'Blue Planet Effect'; how does the issue of ocean plastics fit into the wider picture of waste management? 
  • Protect what you love. Where adventure meets science and the lasting impacts of experiential learning.
  • Daily life onboard the sailing boat.
  • eXXpedition and creating a community of practice; reflections on an all-women research expedition.

One caveat is that I expect these posts to raise more questions than answers. I am not setting out to position myself as an expert on ocean plastics in this blog, rather my hope is to share my journey and spark discussion and debate about how we can all play a role in addressing this issue.

If you have any topics you would like to see addressed in this blog, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'd be happy to consider any suggestions!

Published 9. December 2019 - 8:00 - Updated 9. December 2019 - 8:00