About NMBU Alumni

In the past and future, NMBU's research and education has brought knowledge and change to life. As the bearer and manager of this knowledge, you are an important resource, not only to NMBU, but also to the community around you. Never have environmental knowledge, sustainable development, better public and animal health, climate challenges, renewable energy sources, food production and land and resource management been more important. And never has the world been so rapidly changing, increasing the need for continuous professional updates and collaboration across disciplines.
NMBU alumni are found all over Norway, in countless industries, organizations and public institutions. Also internationally, NMBU alumni are strongly represented. Through their affiliation and history at NMBU, the alumni are bearers of a common identity. This identity is based on a long history of important decisions, inventions, discoveries, creativity and, not least, a strong and good student environment where networks have been built and lifelong friendships have been formed. As an NMBU alum, you are part of this story - part of the community.

NMBU's history

NMBU's history goes all the way back to 1859 and the establishment of "The Higher Agricultural School at Aas", and the establishment of the Norwegian Veterinary College (NVH) in 1935. From 2014, the two history-rich institutions were merged into today's NMBU. Here you can become better acquainted with this history. Unfortunately most of the material is in Norwegian only:
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