Major budget cuts in from January 1, 2023

Export the search history

If you need to keep your search history from the mentioned databases, you must remember to export this before January 1.

The University Library can order articles for you

Employees and students who need articles from these databases can order by filling in this form at or by contacting the library by e-mail:

The contents of the The Norwegian Electronic Health Library from 2023

The Norwegian Electronic Health Library provides free access to encyclopedias, guidelines, databases and other knowledge resources for healthcare personnel in Norway. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health operates the Norwegian Electronic Health Library, which is publicly funded. 

Access to UpToDate, BMJ Best Practice, Micromedex, the emergency room handbook, Cinahl, Medline and the Pyramid search will still be available to everyone going forward. The health library will also continue its work in disseminating guidelines, guides, scoring tools and other useful sources of information to our users.

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Published 13. December 2022 - 14:35 - Updated 13. December 2022 - 14:46