Meet the Norwegian Industrial Property Office at NMBU

Time and place:


29 September at 12:00–15:00

12 October at 11:30–13:00

25 October at 12:00–15:00

2 November (OBS, in Bikuben)

15 November at 12:00–15:00

Location: University Library, Sørhellinga

Why is the Norwegian Industrial Property Office at NMBU?

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office has entered into a cooperation agreement with NMBU, which together will strengthen the training and competence offer for students, teaching staff, administrative staff, researchers and PhD candidates in the field of trademark and design protection, patenting and other relevant intellectual property rights. One of the measures to increase knowledge of and expertise in intellectual property rights in accordance with the agreement is regular attendance to be able to contribute with, among other things:

  • Lecture on intellectual property rights.
  • Give an overview of the technological area you work with. Do you know who your biggest competitors are?
  • Guidance on how to go about applying for a patent, trademark or registering a design.
  • Basic training in search strategies in patent databases so that you can keep yourself up to date.

Who is the Norwegian Industrial Property Office?

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office is an agency under the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries that processes applications and grants rights to patents, trademarks and designs in Norway. We arrange courses and give lectures on intangible values ​​and guide customers related to their technological areas.

It is mainly Marianne Skånseng who will be present at the University Library. She is a engineer at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office and works in medical technology and aquaculture. You will sometimes also be able to meet colleagues of hers from other technological areas.

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Published 21. September 2022 - 14:04 - Updated 21. September 2022 - 14:04