Open publishing with Wiley and Elsevier

Selected journals, titles published by various academic societies in particular, are not covered by the agreements. The excluded titles for Wiley and Elsevier are available online, as is author information from Wiley and Elsevier (pdf) respectively.


The Wiley agreement covers articles accepted after April 1st 2019 (gold OA) or May 1st (hybrid OA) and lasts through 2021. The Elsevier agreement covers articles submitted for evaluation from January 1st 2019 and through 2020.


Publications covered by the terms of the agreements will, naturally, not be eligible for any support from NMBU’s publication fund.


To publish cost free in a Wiley or Elsevier journal, the following terms apply:

  • Corresponding author must be affiliated with NMBU and choose the correct affiliation while submitting a manuscript
  • Open publication must be chosen upon submission (Elsevier) or after a manuscript has been accepted (Wiley)
  • Publications will have open licenses for reuse and distribution, mainly CC-BY



If you have any question, please contact the University Library:

Linn Benjaminsen Hølvold

Lisbeth Eriksen

Published 12. June 2019 - 14:48 - Updated 12. June 2019 - 14:49