PUSTEROM - events to make you respire

Respire is an event series where the University Librarypresents music or small scientific talks by students and staff at NMBU.

Dates spring 2022:

30 March PUSTEROM: Hard facts in soft materials, informal talk

06 April PUSTEROM: Konsert med sangkoret Lærken, concert

27 April (Norwegian) PUSTEROM: Ugress, venn eller fiende? Foredrag om økologisk dyrking med smaksprøver fra ugressfloraen

11 May (Norwegian )PUSTEROM: Ugress, venn eller fiende? Foredrag ved Liv Borgen om Emil Korsmo og ugress

We also offer coffee, tea and a small treat.


Published 5. January 2022 - 14:20 - Updated 11. May 2022 - 12:29