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LNG240 Academic Writing

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Emneansvarlige: William Stewart Warner, William Stewart Warner, William Stewart Warner, William Stewart Warner
Studiepoeng: 10
Ansvarlig fakultet: Fakultet for landskap og samfunn
Frekvens: <p>The courses is given each autumn and spring parallel.</p><p>Course will be offered last time in autumn 2019. </p>
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Begrensning antall plasser:
Course offered autumn and spring. Three sections of 12 students each semester. 
Undervises i periode:
Spring and Autumn parallel. Course starts and ends in the same parallel.
Første gang: Studieår 2010-2011
Siste gang: 2019H
Emnets innhold:
The course covers the principles of academic writing for both the natural and social sciences. The first half  focuses on structure, the second half focuses on style.
The objective is to develop writing skills for term papers, theses, and scientific publications.
Lectures and one-on-one consultations.
The Writing Centre
W. Strunk and E.B. White, The Elements of Style. Additional readings will be posted on Canvas/Literature.
Obligatorisk aktivitet:
Students must attend at least 10 lectures, including the last. In addition, students must pass at least 10 weekly assignments, including the final paper.
Must pass ten assignments, including the last.
An external examiner is involved in the final evaluation.
Normert arbeidsmengde:
300 hours
Minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway (general admission).
EDS275 10 credits
26 hours of lectures and discussions during 13 weeks
Eksamensdetaljer: Langsgående vurdering: Bestått / Ikke bestått