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LNG240 Academic Writing

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Viser emneinfo for studieåret 2014 - 2015.

Emneansvarlige: William Stewart Warner
Medvirkende: Sari Christine Cunningham
Studiepoeng: 10
Ansvarlig fakultet: Noragric - Institutt for internasjonale miljø- og utviklingsstudier
Frekvens: Others. The course is taught each Fall and Spring parallel
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Begrensning antall plasser:
Autumn: 35 Spring: 70 (two groups)
Undervises i periode:
Course starts in autumn parallel. The course instruction / assessment in autumn parallel, Spring parallel,.
Første gang: Studieår 2010-2011
Fortrinnsrett: Master's and PhD students
Emnets innhold:
The course covers academic writing in both together, the findings and the natural sciences. The first half is focused on the structure, especially how to dispose descriptive, argumentative and analytical work. The second half focuses on style, especially how to write clear, coherent and concise. Participation in class is required. Samples that is arranged unannounced in class supplements weekly tasks.
Enmet will provide MSc and PhD students' ability to write good term papers, dissertations and scientific publications.
Lectures, discussions and one-on-one consultations.
Information and communication semester.
Books for the course will be presented on the first day.
Forutsatte forkunnskaper:
EDS275 or approved by teacher
Anbefalte forkunnskaper:
Good knowledge of English
Completion of exercises in class and submission of homework
External examiners will be used to rate på tasks.
Normert arbeidsmengde:
300 hours
EDS275 10 credits
26 lecture and discussion hours over 13 weeks.
Eksamensdetaljer: Langsgående vurdering: Bestått / Ikke bestått