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EDS423 Politisk økologiske tilnærminger til knapphet og grenser for vekst

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Emneansvarlige: Tor-Arve Benjaminsen
Studiepoeng: 5
Ansvarlig fakultet: Fakultet for landskap og samfunn
Frekvens: The course will only be held once, in June 2022.
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Begrensning antall plasser:
Undervises i periode:
June 2022
Første gang: Studieår 2021-2022
Siste gang: 2022V
Fortrinnsrett: Admission based on application
Undervises hvor?: Campus Ås
Emnets innhold:
The course will be organized over a week in late June 2022. It will consist of lectures by NMBU staff as well as by invited international scholars. Before the course, students will prepare a short paper that will be submitted in revised version after the course. This paper forms the basis for the assessments. During the course, each lecturer will comment on a selection of draft papers.

An ability to critically analyze the issue of environmental scarcity, limits and boundaries in an interdisciplinary way and to write a publishable paper on this topic.

The learning goals are:

  • To expose the students to the latest research on environmental scarcity, limits and boundaries
  • To develop the students’ interdisciplinary analytical skills related to this topic

To develop the students’ writing skills

Lectures, participation in discussions, reading course literature, paper writing.
Each student will receive comments on draft paper as well as the final paper. In addition, there will be group discussions with one lecturer and 4-5 students.
See course website (February 2022)
Forutsatte forkunnskaper:
The students must be accepted at a PhD programme.
Obligatorisk aktivitet:
Participation in all lectures and writing a draft paper before the course and submitting a final version of this paper after the course.
A final individual paper will be assessed by lecturers and given passed/failed.
There will be 5-6 lecturers that will also function as examiners. 2-3 of the lecturers will be from NMBU and the others will be international specialists in the field.
Normert arbeidsmengde:

A total of ca 125 hours

Lectures - 20 hours,seminars - 10 hours,readings - 30 hours,paper writing - 65 hours.
This course will have it's own website with more information about the course and how to apply for admission. This website will be available in February 2022.
Eksamensdetaljer: Oppgave: Bestått/ Ikke bestått