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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
M60-AR Master's Thesis 60
M60-IMP Master's Thesis 60
M60-IØ Master's Thesis 60
M60-KB Master's Thesis 60
M60-AQFOOD Master's Thesis EN, NO 60
M60-HV Master's Thesis 60
M60-IPD Master's Thesis 60
AQUAMT10 Master's degree thesis NO 60
AKVFIS06 Aquatic medicine and fish diseases NO 6
PHDLAS Laboratory Animal Science NO 6
TILLML06 Legislation about Medicinal Products NO 6
VET313 Aquatic Animal Medicine and Fish Health NO 6
VETFORSK360 Laboratory Animal Science For Research Workers EN 6
VETPOP-100 Statistics and Epidemiology NO 6
VH-LAB Laboratory Animal Science For Research Workers NO 6
VETTIL300 Legislation about Medicinal Products 6
HUVFHMFD10 Animal Welfare, Animal Housing and Laboratory Animal Science NO 5
HFX210 Feed Analysis in Animal Production NO 5
IND300 Experts in Teamwork NO 5
IND240 Uncertainty Management in Projects NO 5
IND230 Quality Management NO 5
HFX207 Introduction to Animal Production and Fish Farming in Developing Countries EN 5
IND210 Industrial Management NO 5
IMRT100 Introductory Project NO 5
HFX208 Beekeeping NO 5
ILP420 Urban Morphology an interdisciplinary approach to studies in urban planning and development EN 5
HFX322 Reproduction and Lactation in Domestic Animals NO 5
ILP415 Theory of science in development and planning studies EN 5
HFX212 Integrated Farming Systems and Value-Chains for Small-Holder Farmers in Tanzania EN 5
ILP407 Quantitative methods EN, NO 5
HFX221 Ethology in Dogs and Cats and Breeding of Dogs NO 5
INN210 Innovation NO 5
ILP406 Academic Writing and publishing EN 5
HFX306 Feeding and Production Diseases in Cattle NO 5
ILP405 Framing the PhD EN 5
INF100 Principles of Information Processing NO 5
JORD160 Introduction to Soil NO 5
INN310 Intellectual Property Rights 5
JUS320 Planning and Building Law NO 5
LAA211 The History and Theory of Landscape Architecture EN, NO 5
LAA207 Universal Design NO 5
KLIMA100 Climate Change, Research and Societal Impacts NO 5
KJM353 Radioecology EN 5
KJM352 Radiation and radiation protection EN, NO 5
KJB320 Proteomics I EN, NO 5
KJB311 Protein NMR EN, NO 5
JUS332 Land consolidation proceedings NO 5
JUS311 Real Estate Transactions NO 5
INN410 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovation EN 5
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