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Course id Course titlesort ascending Teaching language ECTS credits
FYS476 Solar Energy NO 10
FYS376 Solar Energy NO 10
JORD200 Soils in natural environments - field and laboratory course EN 10
JORD101 Soil Science NO 5
TBA201 Soil Mechanics NO 5
JORD230 Soil as Plant Growth Medium NO 15
JORD212 Soil Analysis NO 5
REIS310 Social Science Research Methods in Nature-based Tourism, Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resource Management NO 5
EDS312 Social Research Methods EN 15
SKOG303 Silviculture and forest growth and yield NO 10
SKOG220 Silviculture NO 10
VH-ALVSMSYK Serious contagious and vector borne diseases NO 5
MVI240 Sensory Science EN, NO 5
MVI340 Sensory and Consumer Science EN, NO 5
VETF361 Seminar NO 4
STAT370 Selected topics in statistics. EN, NO 5
BIN310 Selected topics in genome analysis EN, NO 10
BIN315 Selected Topics in Functional Genomics EN, NO 10
MATH310 Selected topics in applied mathematics EN 10
VET403 Scientific publication EN 1
HFX130C Scientific Processes and Methods NO 5
HET300 Scientific Methods in Ethology NO 10
PPUT301 Science and Technology in School and Society - LUN/Agricultural Resouce Management (LUN) NO 20
PPFD303 Science and Mathematics Education 2 NO 15
PPFD302 Science and Mathematics Education 1 NO 15
PPFD301 Science and Mathematics Education NO 25
PPFD300 Science and Mathematics Education NO 30
GMSG210 Satellite Positioning NO 5
GMSG310 Satellite Geodesy - Analysis NO 10
GMSG200 Satellite Geodesy EN, NO 5
MVI395 Safety in industrial processes EN, NO 10
AQF220 Safety and Human Health Effects of Aquatic Food EN 7.5
HFX202 Ruminant Physiology/Nutrition and Feed Evaluation NO 10
EDS389 Ruling the world by numbers: knowledge and politics in international development EN 10
LAA310 Roads and railways in landcape NO 10
BIO350 RNA in situ RNA Hybridization Techniques EN, NO 5
ECOL350 Restoration Ecology EN 5
BUS360 Responses to taxes EN 10
SKOG205 Resource Mapping and Inventory NO 5
SKOG230 Resource Economics and Planning in Forestry NO 10
ECN305 Research Methods in Economics EN 5
PAE305 Research Methods EN 5
DYR210 Research methodology, statistics and scientific writing NO 5
VET320 Research Methodology and Writing a Thesis NO 1.5
AOS240 Research in Social Sciences NO 5
PHI402 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science II EN 10
PHI401 Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science I EN 5
AOS336 Reputation Management NO 5
FORN330 Renewable Energy Systems Analysis EN 10
GMBB300 Remote Sensing, Raster Graphics and Landscape Visualisation EN, NO 10
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